Bianca Lily Jones’ father claims the missing girl was kidnapped during a carjacking.

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Bianca Lily Jones was a 2-year-old African-American girl from Detroit, Michigan. She lived primarily with her mother, Banika Jones, but had a relationship with her father, D’Andre Lane. Banika and D’Andre had known each other since childhood, and although no longer a couple, the two were on good terms.

Alistair Wilson was handed a mysterious envelope moments before.

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Alistair Wilson was a 30-year-old living in Scotland with his wife of six years, 33-year-old Veronica. They had been introduced by mutual friends and were engaged within six weeks of knowing each other.

The couple had two sons, 4-year-old Andrew and 2-year-old Graham. The family had been living at 10 Crescent Road in Nairn for a year and a half. Veronica’s father, Ronnie, lived on the top floor.

According to those who witnessed him having a mental breakdown on the highway, Matthew Anfeldt had blood on his face.

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Matthew Daniel Anfeldt was a 20-year-old living in Washington. Although a talented wrestler in school, his biggest passion in life was music. He posted his freestyle rapping videos on Facebook under his alias, MT Hayze.

He had developed a drug addiction as a teenager, and by the winter of 2018, Matthew was seeking help. He was living with his aunt and worked at a temp agency. …

Robert Pillsen-Rahier had been traumatized after finding his father’s body moments after he died by suicide.

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Robert Thomas Pillsen-Rahier, also known as Bobby, was born in October of 1974 in Arizona. When he was four-year-old, his mother Jean married Gerald Rahier. The couple soon had a son, Gerald Jr.

Gerald had been an air traffic controller for the US Army and served in Vietnam. While at a Non-Commissioned Officers Club, the Viet Cong bombarded the building. His spinal cord was severed by shrapnel and Gerald was left paraplegic in a wheelchair. He received a Purple Heart for his injuries.


Meth manufacturing may have played a role in the disappearance of 12-year-old Heather Kullorn.

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Heather Nicole Kullorn was a 12-year-old girl from Missouri. She lived with her mother, 34-year-old Christine, and her brother, 14-year-old Matthew.

Heather was an outgoing pre-teen who was becoming a little too rebellious — she had been caught smoking. The young girl had recently shaven both her eyebrows off in a beauty experiment gone wrong.

Chaim Weiss was a student at an Orthodox Jewish yeshiva in Long Beach, New York.

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Chaim Weiss was a 15-year-old teenager from Staten Island, New York City. His grandparents were European refugees from Nazi Germany and his father, Anton Weiss, was born in a displaced persons camp after the liberation of concentration camps at the end of WWII. Anton and his wife Pessy had two other children, 11-year-old Menachem and 7-year-old Rachel.

The Weiss family was Orthodox Jewish. Traced back to the time of Moses, adherents live according to strict codes of moral and social conduct that have been left…

Calandra Stallworth’s boyfriend was caught driving her car. A woman who had also been reported missing was in the passenger’s seat.

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Calandra Rachel Stallworth was a 28-year-old African-American woman from Florida. She had two daughters and was close to her family. Her grandmother, Joan Harvey, lived next door to her and the two spoke every day. Calandra had diabetes and was insulin-dependent

She had been dating 34-year-old Antwon Montrex Smith for three years and had his name tattoed on her left breast.

Ally Brueger’s boyfriend, who’s been named a suspect, insists that her father killed her.

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Alexandra Nicolette Brueger, better known as Ally, was a 31-year-old living in Holly, Michigan. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend and was living with her parents, Nikki and Franz Brueger.

Her parents described her as a witty and generous woman who loved animals. Ally had recently convinced her family to rescue a dog, Zeus, and the two had a special bond.

David Ezell Blockett was just 15 days old when he was abducted by “Marie Kelly”.

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David Ezell Blockett was a 2-week-old baby boy born on November 26, 1980. He lived with his two-year-old brother Frederick and 19-year-old mother Vanessa Blockett. David’s father, 22-year-old Fred West, was in jail at the time of his son’s birth but was allowed to meet him.

David was African-American with black hair and brown eyes. He had a small mole on his right ear and birthmarks under his left arm, on his back, and buttocks.

Kate Bushell’s throat had been cut with a kitchen knife.

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Kate Bushell was a 14-year-old girl living in Exeter, Devon, England, with her parents and 15-year-old brother. She was a student at St.Thomas High School and was involved with the local church. Kate liked to play basketball and was very musical — she knew how to play the saxophone, clarinet, and piano.

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